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Do-At-Home Clay Kits
For kids and adults

For the past 15 years Skyline Ceramics has been offering in-classroom workshops. With schools and camps closed many of you are
looking for activities. I am now offering clay kits that you can do with your kids at home.

Coil Dish (PDF)                                                              Leaf Bowl (PDF)                                                              Crazy Fish (PDF)

Pinch & Coil Mug (PDF)                                                 Pumpkin Pinch Pot (PDF)                                               Spoon Rest (PDF)

Holiday Candle Holder (PDF)

How it works:

You can pickup the kit and drop off the completed project to my home porch in San Bruno. For safety, there is no need for direct contact.
I'll fire the projects and you'll be able to pick them up in about 4 weeks.

Each kit includes all you need: clay, glazes, brushes, tools and an online instructional video.


The cost is $30 per person (minimum 2 people).
Pickup and delivery may be available for an extra charge.

To order a Do-At-Home Clay Kit:

Email Ruth at

Ruth Jacobson
Skyline Ceramics